Stories that resonate

Rippple Media is all about the electric buzz of finding something new and different. We want to tell you stories you’ve never heard or seen before, and without all the watering down and generification. That’s why there are three P’s in Rippple: they stand for producer to public publishing, because we want to share great stories directly with our readers, viewers and listeners.




The Rippple effect

What started out as an eclectic book publisher, run by an Australian and based in Hamburg, has grown into creative media company using film, television, books and music to take a unique approach to storytelling. We like to tell original stories that are not necessarily linked to time and place, but have themes, concepts and ideas that people everywhere can connect to their own lives.

We believe very strongly in sharing, and that’s why we ran a crowdfunding campaign in 2014, and it’s why we make our ebooks free on the 13th of every month, and it’s why we sometimes leave books for people to find, and it’s why all of our printed books have a travel page in the front, so readers can share the book around and document where it travels.