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Campbell Jefferys

It’s a simple story, a journey, a search, a pursuit. There is a man from Perth, an American woman, their daughter. The woman is intent on creating chaos wherever she goes, through urban art, and her work extends to creating chaos in her own life by having a daughter. The man is intent on finding his daughter and in doing so finds himself and the songs inside him.
It’s a road trip novel, starting in Perth, Australia, and traversing America, Canada and Europe. It is also a meditation on art, creativity, success, growing up and taking responsibility. A highly ambitious project, the book includes a CD of original music, plus illustrations and song lyrics. Go here to purchase or download the CD.
Check out the first reading and song, ‘Chasing a Shadow’, performed by Campbell Jefferys and Joel Havea at Zum Elbblick in Hamburg on 17 December, 2017.


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Campbell Jefferys

Campbell Jefferys is from a small town in Western Australia. His second book, Hunter, won the fiction category of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. He is also the author of The Bicycle Teacher and True Blue Tucker, which won in the Australia/New Zealand fiction category of the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards, and the non-fiction travel collection Greetings from.
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