The Bicycle Teacher

Campbell Jefferys

In the summer of 1981, Michael from Perth meets Kathrin from Berlin. It’s love. It’s East meets West, and East wins.


Former no-mans land, Berlin
A photo from the author of a tract of vacant (former no-man’s) land in the centre of Berlin, where the wall used to be.

To those in the west, life behind the Iron Curtain was horrible and oppressive. But for the millions who lived there, it was a way of life and they did the best they could. Some are now even nostalgic for it. Ostalgie it’s called in Germany. For Michael Smith, East Germany fills all the gaps in his own life. He’s happy there. He wants to stay. Everything is within his reach. And yes he’s very naïve, and yes he’s ignoring a lot of bad to focus on the good, but ignorance really can be bliss. Until the Berlin Wall falls.


About the author

Campbell Jefferys

Campbell Jefferys is from a small town in Western Australia. His second book, Hunter, won the fiction category of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. He is also the author of The Bicycle Teacher and True Blue Tucker, which won in the Australia/New Zealand fiction category of the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards, and the non-fiction travel collection Greetings from.
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