Moving Pictures

Rippple Media is involved in the development of new stories, ideas and concepts for film and television. Most recently, Rippple Media was executive producer of the short film Mikelis.




Short Film

Mikelis spent many years giving people flowers, but something dark lies behind his gifts. This short film, directed by Marc Bethke and adapted from a story by Royce Leville, stars James Cosmo, Samuel Weiss and Oana Solomon.

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Vince Barlow

Television Series

This crime/comedy television series set in Flensburg is about a loveable Australian idiot trying to make his way in a foreign place. Embroiled in local crimes and misadventures, Vince somehow finds a way to succeed despite his limitations.

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The Locksmith

Television Series

He has a key to every lock in town. But what does he do with all these keys and his ability to open every door? This television series is based on the short story Willard by Royce Leville.

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Epodemic Feature film


Feature film

Four friends start using performance-enhancing and vanity drugs in order to solve problems, build self-esteem and prevent ageing. But does the quest for the fountain of youth go too far?

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Sunday Mornings Documentary series

Sunday Mornings

Documentary series

These days, few people go to church regularly. So, what do they do instead? This series delves into how Europeans are substituting various hobbies, sports, festivals, passions and past-times for church, God and religion.

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