Sunday Mornings

Documentary series

Churches have been the centrepieces of communities for centuries. But a 2012 Win/Gallup poll found 36% of the world population defined themselves as non-religious. With so many people no longer going to church, what do they do instead?

This 8-12 part series delves into how Europeans are substituting various hobbies, sports, festivals, passions and past-times for church, God and religion. Each episode focuses on one country and one example. The idea being that people without religion are still in a “church” of some sort, and their Sunday morning activity is an attempt to fill the spiritual void and define their lives.

The series will also look at how our collective turning away from God and religion is changing us. Yet, people still seek religious-type ideals in their Sunday morning pursuits, such as glory, salvation, escape, community, self-definition, inclusion and bigger meaning.

Project Status

  • In development